5 January 2014

William Law, outlaw and fugitive


WHEREAS WILLIAM LAW, incarcerated in the Tollbooth of Stonehaven, accused of a capital crime, BROKE the PRISON of that place, and escaped, upon the night betwixt the 25th and 26th days of August, and was outlawed at least Autumn Circuit Court of Justiciary, held at Aberdeen, for not appearing - 


is hereby offered to any Person or Persons, who will apprehend and secure the person of the said William Law, and deliver him over at Stonehaven, to the Keeper of the Tollbooth there.

The said William Law worked as a Labourer and Ditcher, for some short time, on Deeside, near Upper Banchory.  He is about five feet seven inches high, middling stout made; dark complexion; black eyes; black hair; has a flat broken nose; and has been wounded in one of his hands.  He had upon him when he made his escapee, Corduroy Trowsers, a Brown striped Vest, and a Light-Brown short Coat. - the Reward to be paid by John Low, writer in Stonehaven, Procurator-Fiscal of the Sheriff Court of Kincardineshire.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 5th January 1814.

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