24 November 2013

Kincardineshire Ploughing Champions, 1813


On Saturday the 6th instant, a competition for the premiums given by the Kincardineshire Agricultural Association, to ploughmen in the Lower District of the county took place on the farm of Mr James Lyall, at Uras, in presence of a committee of the association, and a great concourse of the agriculturalists of the county.  At ten o'clock, on a signal being given, forty-one ploughs started, of which thirty-seven were drawn by horses, and four by oxen.  When the work was completed, and the ploughs removed from the field, the judges came upon the ground; and, afater a most minute and careful inspection of the work, awarded the premiums to the following ploughmen, viz:-

The 1st, being £2 10s. and the medal of the association, to James Henderson, servant at Ferneyflat.
The 2d, being £2 2s. and the medal of the association, to George Stevenson, servant at Redcloak.
The 3d, being £1 15s. to James Burnet, servant at Bellfield.
The 4th, being £1 5s. to Joseph Freeman, servant at Lumgair.
The 5th, being 17s 6d. to William Milne, servant at Slains.
The 6th, being 10s 6d. to James Simpson, servant at Monboddo.

The competition for the premiums given by the Highland Society of Scotland, to ploughman in the Highland District of the county, took place on the following Tuesday, on the Farm of Balbridie of Durris, in presence of a committee of the Highland Society, and a great number of the proprietors and farms of the county.  Twenty-three ploughs started; and, having completed their work, the judges awarded the premiums to the following ploughmen, viz:-

The 1st, being £3, and the Highland Society's medal, to John Stevenson, farmer's son at Balfour of Durris.
The 2d, being £2 2s, and the society's medal, to David Longmoor, servant at Balbridie.
The 3d, being £1 10s. to William Alves, at Hillhead of Durris.
The 4th, being £1 6s. 6d. to George Rogie, servant at Maryfield.
The 5th, being £1 1s. to William Thom, servant at Balbridie.
The 6th, being £1, to George Stevenson, farmer's son at Balfour.
The 7th, being 10s. 6d. to Robert Sim, servant at Mill of Durris.

The establishment of ploughing competitions in Kincardineshire, has had the effect of producing great improvement in this department of husbandry, as was evinced by the excellence of the whole work performed at these matches.  The horses and cattle on both fields attracted much attention, from their breed and good condition; and the dexterity of the different ploughmen merited great approbation, and rendered the task of the judges, in discriminating among the competitors, extremely difficult.  On both occasions the proprietors and farmers dined together, and spent the afternoon in contributing to that zeal and enthusiasm in agricultural improvement, from which the best effects continue to be produced in this county; and much advantage to its interests is yet to be expected.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 24th November 1813.

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