20 October 2013

William Selbie (bankrupt): sale of property

By way of Feu or otherwise.

There will be sold by public roup, within the house of George Ronald, vintner in Aberdeen, on Friday the 26th day of November, 1813, between the hours of six and seven o'clock afternoon,

THE whole PROPERTY belonging to the Sequestrated Estate of WILLIAM SELBIE, Merchant and Manufacturer in Aberdeen, consisting of one Whole and two Half HOUSES fronting Chapel-street; several Pieces of GROUND, fronting Chapel-street, Chapel-lane, a street leading northward from said lane, Summer-street, and Skene-street.

There are Gardens at the back of each of the Houses.  The different pieces of Ground are judiciously laid out for feuing, and the feuers will be well supplied with water from wells in the neighbourhood.

The whole will be sold together or in lots, as purchasers may incline; and any part of the Ground will be feued separately.  

The right of feu duties payable for ground adjoining, will also be sold.

And the right to one-fourth of the Ground  and Houses sometime occupied by Walker, Knox, & Co. Machinery, Waterfall on the Water of Cowie, Lease thereon; and Partnership Concern of Walker, Knox, & Co. will at sametime be exposed.  All in manner mentioned in the artciles of roup, which are in the hands of Alexander Smith, Advocate, Correction-wynd, Aberdeen.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 20th October 1813.

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