17 March 2013

Kinmundy fire

Upon the night of the 12th inst. an alarming fire was discovered in the stack yard of James Tod, in Petemarcus of Kinmundy. - The devouring element, before assistance could be got, had consumed two ricks of oats, one of pease, and a large stack of hay; but by the vigorous exertions of the neighbours, the rest was preserved.  Whether the fire proceeded from accident or design is not yet known.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 17th March, 1813.

Kinmundy occurs in several locations as a placename in Aberdeenshire.  In this instance 'Pettymarcus' identifies it as being in the parish of Longside.  High quality historic maps of the area are accessible at http://maps.nls.uk/

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