17 March 2013

Clatt ploughing match

CLATT PLOUGHING MATCH. - The Clatt Plowman Society, desirous to promote improvement in Ploughing, so essential to the interests of Agriculture, held their first Annual Ploughing Match on Wednesday the 3d curt, upon a field belonging to Mr Mitchell in Auchindellan, when a number of Ploughs started, and every candidate exerted his talents before a numerous crowd of spectators.  The work gave general satisfaction, and after a minute investigation by the judges, they awarded the premiums to the following persons, viz. - the first to George Reid, son to Alexr. Reid, farmer in Drangowan; the second to Alexr. Barclay, son to Alexr. Barclay, farmer in Littlenewton; the third to John Wilson, servant to Alex. Barclay, Littlenewton; the fourth to David Henderson, son to David Henderson, farmer, Newbiggin.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 17th March, 1813.

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