9 December 2012

Prizewinning ploughmen

KINCARDINESHIRE PLOUGHING MATCH. - On Wednesday last, the Competition for the Premiums given by the Highland Society of Scotland, and the Kincardineshire Agricultural Association, to Ploughmen in Kincardineshire, took place on the Farm of Pitnamoon, in presence of a Committee of the Highland Society, and a great number of the Proprietors and Farmers of the county.  At ten o'clock, on a signal being given, by the Convenor of the Committee, FORTY-FOUR Ploughs started, of which Forty were drawn by two Horses each, and Four by pairs of Oxen.  When the Ploughing was compleated, and the Ploughs removed from the field, the Judges came upon the ground, and after minutely inspecting the work, awarded the Premiums to the following Ploughmen, viz.

The first, being L.2 10s. and the Highland Society's Medal, to David Croll, servant at Craigmoston;

The second, being L.2 5s, and the Highland Society's Medal, to David Thomson at Phesdo;

The third, being L.2 to George Thom, servant at Balbegno;

The fourth, being L.1 15s. to William Burness, servant at Castleton;

The fifth, being L.1 10s. to John Thomson, servant at Drumtochty;

The sixth, being L.1 5s. to George Hanton, at Laurencekirk;

The seventh, being L.1 to Thomas Halding, servant at Cairnton; and

The eighth, being 15s. to James Duthie, servant at Perrochie.

It was gratifying to observe the improvement which has taken place in this department, since the establishment of Ploughing Competitions in Kincardineshire; for, on the present occasion, such was the excellence of the whole work, that the Judges had difficulty in awarding the Prizes.  After the business was concluded, a large party of Gentlemen and Farmers dined in Cream's Inn, Laurencekirk, and the evening was spent with the utmost conviviality, in devising means of keeping up that spirit of Agricultural Improvement, which from the uncommon number of Ploughs assembled, and the zeal displayed by the Competitors at the above match, appears to pervade all ranks in the County of Kincardine.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 9th December, 1812.

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