21 October 2012

Escaped prisoners Anne Smith & John Oliver


ESCAPED from BRIDEWELL, on Sunday morning, the 18th curt. ANNE SMITH, alias TILLERY, alias MACKIE, alias OLIVER; confined there, by sentence of the Magistrates of Aberdeen for Theft.  It is supposed that she has gone into the country with a Pedlar, of the name of JOHN OLIVER, with whom she cohabits, and who is also a fit object for punishment.

The said Anne Smith, alias Tillery, alias Mackie, alias Oliver, is rather below the middle size, sallew complexioned, walks smartly, and speaks very coherently; says she is 43 years of age.  She had on the dress of the House when she made her escape; but this she would no doubt endeavour to get quit of as soon as possible.  And the said John Oliver is a tall stout made man, reddish haired, with red whiskers, has sores on his legs, one of which is generally much swelled.  He is supposed to be a native of Ireland, as he speaks the language of that country.

The different Constables in the County are requested to be on the outlook for persons of the above description, that they may be carried before any of his Majesty's Justices of peace, for Punishment.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 21st October 1812. 

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