4 December 2011

Borowstoun, Newhills


THAT Farm on the Lands of BOROWSTOUN, and parish of Newhills, presently in the possession of ALEX. MEARNS - consists of 11 inclosures, in all about 18 Scotch Acres; is well improved, and in good heart, having been all occasionally in green crop within these few years.  It is situated only 6 English miles from Aberdeen, and is accommodated with plenty of moss and good spring water in many of the parks.  The fine house, containing 5 separate apartments and the office-houses, are substantial, and in good repair.  The whole will be let for twenty-one years and crops, from and after Whitsunday next.

For further particulars, apply to Alexander Mearns, Shiprow; and William Bruce, farmer on Borrowstoun, will shew the farm.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 4th December, 1811.

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