18 September 2011

Property for sale or let at Maybank, Aberdeen


THAT HOUSE, GARDEN, and Piece of GROUND at MAYBANK, near Aberdeen, belonging to FRANCIS LEITH of Maybank.

The House, which is almost entirely new, consists of two Stories, Sunk Floor, and Attic Storey, containing two Public Rooms on each Floor; three Bed Rooms, and Pantry on the first Floor; four Bed Rooms on the second Floor; and Pantry and Closets under the Saloon.  The Ground-floor consists of Kitchen, Cellars, Servants' Hall, &c.

The Garden which is large in front of the house, has a fine exposure to the south, along the north side of Hutcheon-street; is well stocked with fruit-trees and shrubbery; and laid out with gravel walks.  The Piece of Ground at the north is enclosed with stone walls from 12 to 14 feet high, with a Pump-well and Bleach-green.

The whole is one of the most delightful situations about town; is within a few minutes walk of it; and commands an extensive view of the City, Harbour, and surrounding country.  Apply to the Proprietor, at Maybank.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 11th September, 1811.

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