25 September 2011

John Melvin accused of murder

On Monday last, the Circuit Court of Justiciary was opened here, by the Right Hon. Lord MEADOWBANK.  The only trial before his Lordship was that of John Melvin, residing near the Printfield, acused of the murder of William Shepherd, on the 8th of August last.  The pannel pled Not Guilty, and the case having been remitted to the verdict of an assize; after a trial which lasted the greatest part of the day, the jury returned a verdict of Not Proven, upon which the pannel, after a suitable admonition from the bench, was absoilzied and dismissed from the bar.  It appeared in evidence, that the deceased had met his death in a drunken scuffle at the last Greenburn Market, having received several mortal cuts in the groin, of which he died in two days afterwards.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 25th September, 1811.

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