28 August 2011

Accidental death of James Mackie

On Wednesday night last, James Mackie, carrier betwixt Dundee and Aberdeen, was killed by the overturning of his cart, in the wood of Tealing, on the Forfar road, about six miles from Dundee.  It would appear the accident was occasioned by the cart coming in contact with one of those cairns of metal so frequently to be found ornamenting the sides of the highways, - but compelling the unfortunate traveller to traverse the many hills and dales with which the middle of the roads (in Forfarshire at least), are so charmingly diversified.  The deceased, who is supposed to have been walking alongside, was found below the cart, the neave of which had entered his back, and caused his immediate dissolution.  The accident was discovered by the howling of his dog.  The poor man has left a wife and large family to lament his loss.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 28th August, 1811.

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