6 March 2011

Reward for apprehending Donald McKay


DESERTED on or about the 8th of February ult. from Aberdeen, DONALD McKAY, a Substitute belonging to the Aberdeenshire Militia.  He was born in the County of Sutherland, is a labourer, and about 28 years of age ; five feet eight inches high ; black complexion, dark eyes, and black hair ; was lately discharged from the Aberdeen Infirmary, and has the remains of a tumour on his neck.  McKay was lately a serjeant in Colonel Gordon's regiment of Local Militia ; and was seen in Ellon about the 10th inst. dressed as follows :- tartan short coat, striped vest, nankeen pantaloons, with short gaiters of the same, and had about his neck a red silk handkerchief with yellow spots.

Whoever will apprehend the said Deserter, and lodge him in any of his Majesty's jails, will receive a reward of ONE GUINEA, besides the allowance granted by Government for aprehending [sic] Deserters, by applying to the Commander Officer of the Aberdeenshire Militia, at Berwick-on-Tweed.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 6th March 1811.

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