17 February 2011

Peterhead Kirk Session Register, 1811

February 17th.  Session being met and constituted, there appeared Anne Sinclair, an umarried woman in Peterhead; and acknowledged that she had brought forth a child in uncleanness, accusing Donald Brown, a private soldier in the Aberdeenshire Militia, late in Peterhead, also unmarried, as the father of her child.  She was exhorted to repentance and ingenuity; and the further consideration of the matter was delayed.  There appeared also Francis McLean, an unmarried man in this Parish; and acknowledged that he was the father of a child, which Anne Crystal, an unmarried woman in Peterhead, had brought forth.  Having craved to be absolved from church censure, he was, upon paying a penalty of Thirty Shillings to the poor, rebuked, exhorted to repentance and absolved.

Peterhead Kirk Session Register, 17th February 1811.  NAS Reference CH2/300/6/115.
Kirk Session Registers are available to search at the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh and at local archives throughout Scotland.

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