16 January 2011


By Order of the Honourable, The Sheriffs of Kincardineshire:

THAT in the Process pursued, and preently depending before the said Sheriffs, at the instance of FRANCIS MILNE, tenant in Meagraw, against ALEXR. and WILLIAM SMARTS and Co. Corn Merchants in Montrose, the Sheriff has granted Warrant to sell the Quantity of WHEAT in dispute, at Meagraw, near Stonehaven, and Sillyflatt, near Bervie, where the same respectively lies; but appointed the same to be duly advertised prior to the Sale.

INTIMATION is therefore hereby made, that the part of said Wheat, lying at MEAGRAW, will be sold by public roup, under the authority of said Warrant, at Meagraw, upon Monday the 21st day of January curt. by Twelve o'clock, mid-day; And that the remainder of the said Wheat, lying at SILLYFLATT, near Bervie, will be exposed to sale by public roup, at Sillyflatt, on the next day, being Tuesday, the 22d day of January curt. by One o'clock, mid-day.

Credit will be given on security, if required.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 16th January, 1811.

Note: Meagraw is a former spelling of the modern placename Megray.

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