12 December 2010


On Friday the 14th day of December curt. at 10 o'clock forenoon, there will begin to be sold by public roup, at the House and Shop of the late WILLIAM SIMPSON, Merchant in Banff,

THE WHOLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and SHOP GOODS, which belonged to him, consisting of Beds, Tables, Chairs, and Eight-day Clock, &c. ; Teas, Sugars, Molasses, Porter and Strong Beer, Tobacco, Snuff, China, Stone, and Glass Ware ; a great number of Bottles; some excellent Dutch Flax, and a small quantity of Yarn ; with a vast variety of other articles, which cannot be comprehended in an advertisement.

The roup will be continued on the following day, until every article is sold off.

All those who have claims against the estate of the defunct, will please lodge the same, with oaths of verity thereon, in the hands of John Smith, Writer in Banff, as soon as possible ; and those indebted to the estate, are desired to make payment to the said John Smith, within one month from this date.

Banff, 1st December, 1810.

* The TENEMENT in BANFF which belonged to Mr Simpson, is to be SOLD, as will be afterwards advertised.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 12th December, 1810.

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