19 December 2010

Milltimber Farm & Croft To Let

To be let for nineteen years from Whitsunday 1811,

The Farm of MILLTIMBER, presently possessed by William Duncan, adjoining to the Mains of Culter, betwixt 6 and 7 miles from Aberdeen, containing Arable Land,

                                        98 A. 2 R. 35 F.
Pasture and Uncultivated, 32 A.  2 R.  30 F.
                                        126 A.  1 R.  25 F.

The Arable part of the Farm consists mostly of Old Infield, and fine Haugh Ground.  The soil in general is dry and early, with a south exposure ; and the turnpike road passes through the farm.

Alao a CROFT on the side of the turnpike road, a little to the westward of the Bridge of Culter, intended for a Cart and Plough-wright, containing about 5 acres, with an excellent set of houses newly built.

Offers for either of the above to be given in to Charles Gordon, Advocate in Aberdeen, by the 1st of January next ; and the boundaries will be shewn by Peter Robie, Ground Officer at Culter.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 19th December, 1810.

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