25 September 2010


The Lieutenancy of the County of NAIRN, hereby intimate, that the following persons, who were drawn by Ballot to serve in the MILITIA of the said County, have failed to appear, and are now liable to be apprehended as DESERTERS.  All Magistrates and others, are therefore requested to be aiding and assisting in apprehending and commiting them, or any of them, to any of His Majesty's Jails, when the Statutory Reward will be paid.

Parish of Ardclach.
James Hutcheson, Farm servant, Daltra; came from, and is supposed to have gone to Aberdeen.

Parish of Auldearn.
Francis McBain, Wright, Auldearn; came from Milntown of Dunmaglass, and is supposed to be about Aberdeen, or Fort William, is about 5 feet 9 inches high, brown hair, pock pitted, and 20 years age.

Parish of Calder.
Duncan Munro, Smith, at Knockloam or Mickle Geddes; about 5 feet 6 inches high, dark hair, hazzel eyed, full faced, aged about 25 years.

Parish of Urquhart.
1.  Donald Ross, labourer at Broomtown; 5 feet 4 inches high, fair hair, pock pitted, full in the face.
2.  Donald Bain, Servant at Dunvorney; originally from Kincardine in Ross-shire, and is supposed to be now in Skye; 5 feet 4 inches high, brown haired, and well made.
3.  John Urquhart, Servant there; description not known.
4.  Murdoch McLeod, Servant, Baltearn; 5 feet 5 inches, fair complexion, fair hair, and well made.
5.  William Forbes, labourer, Wellhouse; about 5 feet 4 inches, red hair, grey eyes, a little pock pitted.
6.  James Innes, apprentice at Milntown; about 5 feet 8 inches, pockmarked, crooked nose.
7.  Donald McKenzie, labourer, Linbuie.
8.  Walter Munro, servant, Kinkeil.
9.  Simon Simpson, labourer, Culbockie.
10.  Alexander Munro, servant, Balgalkan.
11.  Hugh McDonald, apprentice at Lionack.
12.  Donald Vauss, labourer, Brea of Findon.
13.  Andrew Fowler, labourer there.
14.  William M Lean, mason, Knockmissachin; descriptions not known, but these and the other six from this parish are all supposed to have gone either to Lothian or Aberdeenshire.

By order of the Lieutenancy.
(Signed)  JAS. MURRAY, C.G.M.
Nairn, 19th Sept. 1810

Published in The Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 26th September, 1810.

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