25 September 2010


WHEREAS ANDREW STRACHAN, Younger, in AFFLECK, parish of Udny, and county of Aberdeen, who is accused of various acts of THEFT, has absconded - a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS is hereby offered to any person, who will give such information to Thomas Burnett, or James Spalding, Advocates in Aberdeen, Procurators Fiscal of the Sheriff Court, as may lead to his being apprehended, and lodged in any of His Majesty's Jails.

Description of Strachan - 27 years of age, 5 feet 10 inches high, stout made, brown short hair, reddish whiskers, fair complexion, inn-kneed, was dressed when he went off in a short dark green coat - corduroy trowsers.

Aberdeen, 25th Sept. 1810

Published in The Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 26th September, 1810.

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