5 September 2010


(Lately One of the Partners of the Company of Esson and Fearnside, Manufacturers at Keith)
Begs leave to inform his Friends and the Public, that he intends commencing business by himself about the beginning of October next, at the LINT MILL of ROTHIEMAY, where he is to carry on the WEAVING and MANUFACTURING of CLOTH, BLANKETS, FLANNELS, DUFFLES, SEYS, &c. as also the CARDING of WOOL, &c. and as he has erected excellent new Machinery, and has always practised the several branches of business above mentioned, he hopes to give such satisfaction to the public as will induce them to favour him with a share of their employment, for which during his continuance at Keith, he returns his sincere thanks.
1st September, 1810

Published in Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 5th September, 1810.

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