29 August 2010

Game Duty - Kincardineshire

List of Persons who have obtained CERTIFICATES for the Year 1810 - taken out prior to 20th August 1810:

The Right Honble. The Viscount of Arbuthnott.
General William Burnett, of Banchory Lodge.
Rev. James Bryce, minister of Strachan.
David Stewart Barclay, Esq. residing at Ury.
George Harley Drummond, Esq. of Drumtochty.
Colonel Robt. Wm. Duff of Fetteresso.
John Douglass, Esq. of Tilquhilly.
James Foulertoun, at Jennysbog.
James Staats Forbes, Esq. Fallside.
James Innes, Esq. of Edinburgh - presently in Stonehaven.
John Innes Esq. of Cowie.
Mr William Mason, Laurencekirk.
Rev. George Morison, minister, Banchory-Devenick.
George Primrose, Esq. of Ramore.
George Silver, Esq. of Netherley.
George Robertson Scott, Esq. of Benholm.
James Wilkie, Esq. younger of Foulden - residing at Riccarton.

List of Persons who have obtained CERTIFICATES as GAMEKEEPERS, for the year 1810 - taken out prior to 20th August, 1810.
Gamekeepers     By whom appointed     Land
Cha. Murray       Visc. Arbuthnott            Arbuthnott & others.
Wm. Burke          Alex. Brodie, Esq.         Arnhall & others.
David Hutton      Mrs Allardice                 Dunnottar & others.
J. McDonald      John Douglass, Esq.        Tilquhilly & others.
Dan. Walker       G.H. Drummond             Drumtochty & others.
James Mason     James Wilkie, Esq.         Riccarton

Published by direction of His Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes.
Comptroller of Taxes for Scotland.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 29th August, 1810.

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