8 December 2019

Cotbank, Glenbervie

For an Yearly Rent, for the full period yet to run,

THE LEASE over the Possession called WESTTOWN of COTBANK, parish of Glenbervie, formerly occupied by the deceased John Kerr - comprising 8 acres of Arable, as as much Pasture Land, or thereby; besides a sufficient quantity of Moss for firing, which is attached to the Possession.  There are many comfortable Houses on the Possession; and the entry to it will be very favourable, there being four-fifths at least of the Arable Land presently in Grass.

The endurance of the principal Lease is for 19 years certain, from September last; and for the lifetime of a person to be named within that period thereafter.

The Purchaser or Tacksman will have immediate entry to both Houses and Land.

Offers will be received by, and farther particulars learned, on application to William Anderson, Writer, Stonehaven.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 8th December 1819.

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