1 April 2018

Parish of Nigg Ploughing Match

On the 14th ult. the Parish of Nigg Ploughing Match took place, when 16 ploughs (one of them drawn by a pair of oxen) started about 11 o'clock.  After completing their respective tasks, (two ridges) the judges found the whole work so correctly executed, and so far surpassing their expectations, that they found great difficulty in determining to whom the Prizes ought to be awarded, which after repeated inspections, they determined as follows:-  The first to George Mason, servant to Mrs Reith, North Lowerston; the second to Andrew Edward, son of Mr Wm. Edward, South Kirkhill; the third to Charles Kennedy, son of Alex. Kennedy, Tullos; the fourth to James Anderson, servant to Mr C. Innes, Upper Torry; the fifty to George Collie, servant to Mr Davidson of Balnagask. 

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 1st April 1818.

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