22 April 2018

Circuit court cases

Yesterday, the Circuit Court of Justiciary was opened here, by the Right Hon. Lords Hermand and Gilles, and proceeded to the trial of James Ritchie, from the Parish of Gamrie, accused of stealing 30 sheep from the Parks of Gordon Castle; he was unanimously found guilty by the jury, who also, with one dissenting voice, recommended him to mercy, on account of his youth, being only 17 years of age.  He was sentenced to be hanged at Aberdeen, on Friday the 5th of June.

James Ritchie, lately Cattle Dealer at Tillymair, Parish of Tough, accused of falsehood, fraud, and wilful imposition, by uttering two bills with false and fictitious subscriptions, was unanimously found guilty, and sentenced to one year's imprisonment.

John Grant, lately Blacksmith at Muiresk, Parish of Turriff; William Grant, lately Blacksmith there; and James Daun, at Hillockhead of Glass, accused of different acts of assault.  John Grant, having broke out of prison, failed to appear.  William Grant pled guilty, to one act of assault; James Daun pled not guilty.  The diet was deserted against James Daun, pro loco et tempore; the other charges against William Grant being also passed from, and in consideration of previous long confinement, he was sentenced to be imprisoned for three months.

Jean Mathieson, lately residing in Aberdeen, accused of child-murder and concealment of pregnancy, pled guilty to concealment of pregnancy, but denied the murder, which charge being passed from, she was sentenced to three months imprisonment.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 22nd April 1818.

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