18 March 2018

Public roup of Peterhead feu


Part of the Sequestrated Estate of JAMES GILLAN, Mill Wright in Peterhead, for Sale, by public roup.

On Friday the 20th March next, at six o'clock in the evening, within the New Inn of Peterhead, there will be exposed to sale by public roup,

THAT FEU in the KIRKTON of PETERHEAD, lately possessed by the said James Gillan, with the Mill Wrights Shop, New House, and Dye House built thereon. - The Feu contains 23 Falls, is excellently situated for carrying on business, and is worthy the attention of intending purchasers.

The title deeds, and articles of roup, are in the hands of Messrs. Robertson and Gray, Writers in Peterhead.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 18th March 1818.

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