16 April 2017

Sequestration in Foveran

CORN and FODDER, & c.  Part of the Sequestrated
Estate of ALEXANDER MITCHELL, in Fiddesbeg of Foveran.

To be sold by public roup,

THE whole STOCKING on the FARMS of FIDDESBEG, KINKNOCKIE, and FORNETIE, possessed by the said ALEXANDER MITCHELL, consisting of 8 Work Horses, 3 Young Horses; a Mare and Foal; 3 two years old, and 1 one year old Colts; a Poney; 8 Milch Cows; 8 Queys with Calf; 4 one year old Stots, 12 Calves; Carts; Ploughs; Harrows; a Stone Roller; a Barn Fanner; Cart and Plough Harness; and a variety of other farming utensils; several Stacks of Corn, Bear, and Pease, with Fodder, and some acres of Turnips.

At the same time will be let, several Parks of New and Pasture Grass for the season.

The roup to begin on Tuesday next, the 22d April current, at 10 o'clock forenoon, at Fiddesbeg, and on Wednesday at same hour, at Kinknockie and Fornetie.

Credit will be given on security.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 16th April 1817.

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