12 March 2017

North Tassetshill Farm

In the parish of Logie, to be Let.

THE FARM of NORTH TASSETSHILL, as presently possessed by Andrew Cowie, will be let for 15 years and crops.  Entry immediately.  It consists of about 60 acres of ground, all arable, except a piece of rich meadow grass, along the burn, which forms the north boundary.  The arable land has been all fallowed and limed, and kept since under a regular rotation of cropping, so that on examination it will be found in a condition favourable for a tenant.  The Houses will be put in perfect repair, and delivered over on inventory.

Andrew Cowie, the present tenant, will shew the ground; and offers, in writing will be received by Mr Jopp, Advocate in Aberdeen.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 12th March 1817.

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