12 February 2017


Upon Saturday the 25th ult. the Annual Ploughing Match in the parish of Nigg, was held in a field on the farm of North Loirston, occupied by Mrs Reith.  The day being uncommonly fine, 17 Ploughs started about ten o'clock A.M. and finished their respective tasks (about half an Acre) about 2 o'clock P.M.  The work in general was so well executed, that it was with some difficulty the judges could determine upon the Premiums, which were adjudged as follows, viz.:

1st.  To John Davidson, servant, Kincorth.
2d.  To Andrew Edward, son of William Edward, South Kirkhill.
3d.  To William Beattie, servant to Mr Charles Elmslie, Cove.
4th.  To William Pirie, servant to Mr William Johnston, Middleton.
5th.  To David Tavendale, servant to Dr Cruden.
6th.  To John Donald, son of William Donald, Red-craigs.

As usual, a Prize was competed for by the Ploughmen, who got the first Prizes on former years, and was gained by George Sherriffs, servant to Mr William Edward, South Kirkhill.  The improvement on the Ploughing, within these few years, was evident to all present; and, as an instance of the utility of such Institutions, four of the Prizes, out of the six, were gained by the youngest Ploughmen in the Parish.  After the business was over, a large party sat down to an excellent dinner given by Mrs Reith; a number of loyal and appropriate toasts were given, and some excellent song were sung on the occasion, and the evening was spent with the greatest harmony, and at a late hour the company separated, highly gratified with the attention and hospitality of Mrs Reith.  On the Tuesday following, the Ploughmen gave a Rural-dance and Entertainment, to their female friends and sweet-hearts, in Gregory Cumming's, Boat Inn, Torry.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 12th February 1817.

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