22 January 2017

Midmar Farms


The following Possessions on the Estate of CORSINDAY, 
and Parish of Midmar, are to be Let and entered to at Whitsunday next, viz.

THE FARM of AUCHMORE, possessed by William Stot, containing 83 Acres Arable, to be divided into three Lots, of of 15 Acres, one of 31, and one of 37.


The FARM OF BANDODLE, possessed by Alex. Reid, to be divided into four Lots, one of 9 Acres, two of 12, and one of 24.

Two or more of these Lots on either of the Farms may be conjoined, to suit intending offerers.  These possessions have considerable extent of Pasture, and Muir Ground belonging to them, beside Pasture and Fuel on the Hill of Fair.  The soil of the whole is good, a considerable proportion being old In-field, and good access to Aberdeen by the Midmar and Echt turnpike.

The marches of the Lots will be shewn by John Robertson in Tillybirlach; and written offers will be received by the Proprietor at Corsinday; or Mr Strachan, jun. of Campfield, betwixt and the 18th March; on which day the hole will be Let at Corsinday.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 22nd January 1817.

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