23 October 2016

Echt Estate


UPON the Estate of ECHT, for such number of years as may be agreed on, viz.

Possessions                      Possessors                                  Of About Arable Acres
Westseat                            Alex. Craighead                             50} Access at Martin-
Wakendale                         Alex. Adams                                 38}  mas or Whitsun-
Damseat                             William Hendry                             50} day next

Cowiehillock                       George Morgan                            80}
Newfield                             Adam Watt                                  50} Entry at
Hillbrae                               Al. Adam & Al. Low                   50} Whit-
Inn of Echt                          William Hay                                 45}  sunday,
Mill of Echt                          George Walche                           12} 1817

Waterfall of Finnarey                                                              10} With several cottages, 
                                                                                                  }well suited for a Manufactory
                                                                                                  }or Distillery

Also, several Lets of improveable Pasture Land, part of which had formerly been in tillage; all well accommodated with Roads,  Moss, &c.; distant about 12 miles from Aberdeen.

Alexander Andrews, Ground Officer at Housedale, will shew the lands.

For further particulars, apply to Mr Forbes, the Proprietor.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 23rd October 1816.

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