21 August 2016

Tillyskeith, Maryculter

Parish of Maryculter, and County of Kincardine.

THE East division of the farm of WESTER TILLYSKEITH, or WESTSIDE, as lately occupied by David Esson.

The Farm of EASTER TILLYSKEITH or EASTSIDE, as lately possessed by George Esson.

These farms are immediately adjoining, and may be let either separately, or as one farm.  They contain 100 acres of arable Land, and a great extent of highly improvable pasture.  The soil is strong and early, they have the advantage of easy access by good roads to Aberdeen and Stonehaven, and are distant from the former about nine, and the latter about six miles.  To substantial improving tenants, these farms would be an object, but if preferred, they will be let as one, according to their present divisions.

The Croft in Eastside, at present occupied by William Gordon, is also to be let, and is a good situation for an industrious tenant.

They will be let, for such number of years, as may be agreed on, and entry may be had immediately, or at Martinmas next.

A day will be afterwards fixed for letting; and in the meantime application may be made to Mr Hay of Monkshill, Fyvie, or Charles Chalmers, advocate, Aberdeen, and Charles Raitt, grieve, at Maryculter House, will point out the boundaries.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 21st August 1816.

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