14 August 2016

Sudden death of Mary Low in Montrose

A poor woman, Mary Low, whose husband sails in one of the Aberdeen whale ships, died here on Monday last, in consequence of some idle officious person telling her that her husband was drowned, and that she need not trouble herself enquiring after letters from him.  She had gone to the well for water, when the intelligence was communicated to her, and such as its sudden effect that she instantly fell into a swoon.  The was carried to her own house, where every means were employed to restore the vital energy, without effect; in the course of a few hours life was extinct.  She has left an aged mother, and three children, the youngest of whom is only ten weeks old, to deplore her loss.  It appears that the carrier, who arrived from Aberdeen on Saturday evening, brought a letter, with money, from her husband, but did not deliver it until Monday, in consequence of the intermediate day being Sunday.  She was in a state of insensibility when the letter was brought to her. - Montrose, August 9.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 14th August 1816.

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