28 August 2016

Accidental drowning at Belhelvie

The following melancholy accident happened on the sands opposite to Belhelvie, on Sunday morning last:- Hugh Sherriffs, a fine stout boy of 13 years of age, the son of a respectable widow woman of that parish, and the chief hope of her family, had gone in to bathe, at nearly low water, at a projecting point of sand, and getting immediately beyond his depth, was carried off by the force of the tide; and although there were several country lads bathing not far off, no effectual assistance could be given, as none of them could swim.  As soon as the accident was known, the nearest salmon cobles were procured, and the country people flocked down with laudable humanity, to give their assistance to search for the body, but it has not yet been found.  It is hoped, that if the body be found anywhere along the coast, it may be cared for, and immediate notice sent to his friends, that it may be restored to his afflicted mother, for interment, which would be the greatest consolation to her.  The boy was stout made, and had short red hair.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 28th August 1816.

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