17 July 2016


WHEREAS, between twelve and one o'clock on the night of Sunday the fourteenth instant, as James Blance, Shipmaster in Peterhead, was travelling on horseback between Ellon and Aberdeen, he was accosted, a little to the northward of the Tollbar at Belhelvie, by a man having the appearance of a sailor, who rose from behind a dyke at the road side, and ordered him to stop; and he having declined to do so, and put spurs to his horse, the said man fired a pistol at him, as he rode off, by the ball from which he narrowly escaped being wounded;
Is hereby offered to any person who will apprehend and detain the man above mentioned, or give such information respecting him, to Hugh Fullerton, Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeenshire, as shall be the means of his being apprehended and brought to justice.
The said man has the appearance of a sailor, is of middle size, stout made, has large whiskers nearly meeting each other and was dressed in a brown jacket, dark blue trowsers, and either a black leather, or a glazed hat.

Aberdeen, July 15, 1816.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 17th July 1816.

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