5 June 2016


WHEREAS, upon the night between the 10th and 11th days of January last, some evil disposed person or persons did maliciously fire a Gun or Pistol, loaded with slugs, through one of the windows in the dwelling house of Alexander Innes, Constable in New Pitsligo; and did also on the same night, enter the said Alexander Innes's stack yard and throw down and scatter two stacks of Oats belonging to him; and it being desirable that the perpetrators of these outrages should be discovered, and brought to justice, a REWARD of TEN GUINEAS is hereby offered, by Sir William Forbes of Pitsligo, Bartl; and a further REWARD of TEN GUINEAS by Hugh Fullerton, Procurator Fiscal of the County of Aberdeen, to any one who will give such information to the said Hugh Fullerton, as shall lead to the discovery and conviction of the persons, or any of them, who were guilty of both or either of the felonious acts above mentioned.

Aberdeen, June 5th, 1816.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 5th June 1816.

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