13 March 2016

Prison sentences for violent assault

For several successive days in January last, a number of idle and disorderly persons, consisting partly of boys, and partly of sailors, apprentice tradesmen, and others, assembled in the neighbourhood of Old Aberdeen, trespassing on the fields, throwing stones, annoying passengers, and otherwise disturbing the public peace.  Several of them were apprehended; and on Wednesday last, Alexander McLean and John Solomon, sailors, and William Forbes, apprentice cork-cutter, were convicted before the Sheriff, on the complaint of the Procurator Fiscal, of having been actively engaged in these riotous proceedings: and also of having committed a violent assault on James Anderson, gardener in Old Aberdeen, at whom they had taken offence, on account of his endeavouring to drive the mob off his grounds.  McLean was sentenced to confinement and hard labour in Bridewell for three months, and Solomon and Forbes for two months.  It is hoped, this example will operate as a salutory check to similar practices in time coming.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 13th March 1816.

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