31 January 2016

Public Roup of Leases in Aberdeen


That upon Saturday the 3d of February next, at 12 o'clock noon, there will be exposed to sale, by public roup, within the Laigh Tolbooth of Aberdeen,

LEASES of the following subjects, belonging to the Treasurer and Master of Shore-Works of Aberdeen, for three years from Whitsunday next, viz:

1st. - The BELL and PETTY CUSTOMS of the Burgh of Aberdeen.
2. - The MILL of BUXBURN, at present let to Peter Simpson.
3. - The UPPER JUSTICE MILL, at present let to Widow Christie.
4. - The SHIPBUILDING YARD at Footdee, at present occupied by James Adamson, adjoining to the Dock-yard let to Alexander Hall and Co.  Part of the ground formerly occupied by Messrs. Hall and Co. is now to be added to this lot.
5. - The DWELLING HOUSE at Footdee, occupied by Alexander Hall.
6. - A PIECE of GROUND, east side of the Pocra Road, at present let to Alexander Mackie, Blockmaker.
7. - Another piece of ground, east side of said road, south of Alexander Mackie's, at present let to John Rae, Merchant.
8. - A piece of ground lying along the back Pocra Road, sometime occupied by George Knox, now in possession of the said John Rae.
9. - A LIME SHED and Counting-house, preently occupied by the Farmer Lime Company.
10. - A BLOCK and PUMP-MAKERS SHOP, and piece of ground, as possessed by George Nelson, Pump-maker.
11. - A Block and Pump-makers Shop, possessed by Robert Gibbon and Company.
12. - A Block and Pump-makers Shop, Saw-pit, and piece of ground, occupied by James Gibbon and Company.
13. - A Piece of Ground enclosed by a Brick-wall, commonly called the Horse Barracks, and now possessed by Catto and Co. as a Block and Pump-makers Shop, and Wood Yard.

The articles of roup of the above Subjects, will be seen in the hands of Mr Carnegie, Town Clerk.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 31st January 1816.

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