7 September 2014

Farms in Banffshire and Moray


There will be Let, at INNES HOUSE, on Tuesday the 13th day of September 1814, for Leases of such endurance as may be agreed upon,

THE following POSSESSIONS, viz.:  

County of Banff, Parish of Marnoch.
LONGHAUGH of KINNAIRDY, occupied by Jno. Hacket.

County of Moray, Parishes of St Andrew's and Rafford.
MOSS-SIDE of BLERVIE, occupied by Alexander Dunbar.
EASTER BROCKLACH of DITTO, occupied by Alex. Smith
BOGTOWN of COXTON, occupied by Alex. Gill.

The entry to be at Whitsunday first.

These Possessions are of fine early soil, all of them susceptible of great improvement; and Longhaugh and Bogtown are of very considerable extent, - particularly Longhaugh, which is situated on the banks of the Doveron, and bounded by that river on the south.

The ground officers will point out the marches; and for farther particulars, application may be made to Mr Stronach, at Knock, as to Longhaugh; and to Mr Williamson, at Innes, as to the Morayshire Farms; - to either of whom, offers may be given in, previous to the day of let.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 7th September 1814.


  1. If all these farms were occupied, can we tell if this was an attempt to get farmers who would pay more or filling pending voluntary vacancies?

  2. More research would be required to establish the facts. Tenancies at this time typically ran for 19 years. These farms all belonged to the Fife Estate and their papers, held by Aberdeen University Special Collections, would provide additional detail.

  3. Thanks for the feedback about 19 years. That might be a clue. My many-great grandfather John Hacket, who ran Longhaugh Farm as above, sued Lord Fife -- twice -- and a Special Collections person (maybe a student?) tried to help but couldn't read the writing in the cases! I live in America, so can't easily pop in!