3 August 2014

David Campbell, East Gallowhill, Alford


DAVID CAMPBELL, tenant in East Gallowhill of Alford, having executed a disposition of his whole Estate in favour of William Lyall , in Bent of Halkerton, Thomas Webster, in Mains of Balrownie, and others, in trust for behoof of themselves and his other creditors. - The Trustees hereby intimate, that a Meeting will be held in the house of Peter Wilson, vintner at Bridge of Alford, on Friday the 12th day of August next; where it is requested that all those who have claims against the said David Campbell will attend and lodge them, with oaths of verity thereon; certifying, that if such claims are not then lodged, the Trustees will not receive them afterwards.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 3rd August 1814.

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