24 August 2014

Cases brought before the Justices of Peace of Aberdeen

On Monday last, Janet Douglas, otherwise Oliver, a vagrant and incorrigible vagabond, who was about six years ago imprisoned in the Tolbooth of Aberdeen, along with a John Oliver, said to be her husband, for the crime of coining and uttering base money, and also committed to Bridewell, about four years ago, in virgue of a Warrant from the Justices of the Peace, for some crime she was guilty of about Tarland; was duly convicted before the Magistrates, of obtaining money from the Lieges in an illegal manner, by pretending to be deaf and dumb, to tell fortunes, and to have a licence from the King certifying her capacity to cure different disorders, &c.  She was sentenced to two years confinement in the House of Correction for this city, and to be kept to hard labour, and afterwards banished the Burgh and liberties for life.  And on the 23d inst. Donald Campbell, residing at Putachyside of Aberdeen, and Margaret Ross, his spouse, who were some time ago banished the Burgh, by the Magistrates, for Harbouring such idle and vagrant persons as the said Janet Douglas, and who had been guilty of harbouring her on the present occasion; along with Helen Ellis, at Backtraps of Aberdeen, a person of notoriously bad character, who was banished from Banff and Peterhead lately, and who at present keeps a house of bad fame, were disposed of as follows, viz., the said Donald Campbell and Margaret Ross, were fined in the sum of £5, and committed to prison till payment, and also banished the Burgh and liberties for the space of Three Years; the cause was continued against the said Helen Ellis.

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