26 May 2014

James Wilson, Deskford, deceased

DESKFORD.  - By the death of Mr James Wilson, which has taken place at Kirkton, Deskford has lost one of its best farm hands.  Always of a steady, quiet, kindly disposition, James, who had reached the age of 55 years, was ever on the spot when work was to be done.  For 25 years he had been at the farm of Kirkton, first as man to the late Mr George Duncan, then as the faithful servant of Mr Alexander Duncan, and during that time many a fine horse did he put in harness for the first time for his master.  On Mr Duncan's death in 1907 James was put in charge of the farm for the present tenant, Mr Ross, and under his careful management many fine stirks have been sent to the butcher.  He was without doubt one of the most careful men in the parish in farm work, and so recently as the 12th inst. did he volunteer to attend the roup at Claymires to give his services there.  He was not, however, well, and was not able to do anything for the remaining few days he lived, but he died practically in harness.  His funeral, to Deskford churchyard on Thursday, was largely attended.  A widow, three sons, and one daughter are left to mourn his loss.  Two of the sons are in Canada, and the other is in Glasgow with his sister, who is married there.  To these much sympathy is extended throughout the parish.

Published in the Banffshire Journal, Tuesday 26th May 1914.

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