9 March 2014

Robert Shand, Bognie

Died at Bognie, on the 21st Feb. aged 86, ROBERT SHAND, one, perhaps, of the most extraordinary pedestrians in this pedestrian age.  He continued to possess all his faculties, especially his activity, to the last hour of his existence.  In his 85th year, he was employed as runner from the parish of Forgue to the Post Office at Huntly, where he went three times a-week, sometimes oftener; which distance (14 miles going and returning) he accomplished with ease in less than 4 hours.  The same year, he offered, for a bet of 20s., to walk to Aberdeen, and return within 24 hours, a distance of at least 70 miles.  He was originally bred a shoemaker, but for several years past worked as a day labourer; and last summer, was occasionally employed in casting divots, a work that required considerable strength and exertion; and has been known to go to Banff, distant 15 miles, upon a trifling errand, after performing a hard day's labour.  The last day of his life he eat his breakfast as usual; and was arrested by the hand of death while enjoying his favourite exercise of walking some distance, carrying a bundle of sticks he had collected for fuel.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 9th March 1814.

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