9 March 2014

Mains of Kemnay


There will be sold by public roup, at one o'clock afternoon, upon Thursday, 31st day of March current, within the house of George Ronald, vintner, Aberdeen,

THAT excellent Small Farm, the MAINS of KEMNAY, upon Don-side, as presently possessed by Wm. Duncan, for the Remainder of his Lease, being 19 years after Whitsunday first; together also with the THRESHING MILL, which is driven by water.  As the tenant may have immediate access to the Farm, the Dung on the Farm, together with some Crop, and Farming Utensils, will be given over to the incoming tenant, by appreciation.  There is an excellent Steading of Farm Houses; and, from its vicinity to Kintore, Manure can be easily procured, and a ready market afforded for the sale of Farm Produce.

The articles of roup, with the landlord's inventory, and Wm. Duncan's tack from the proprietor, lie in the hands of John Ewing, Advocate in Aberdeen, who will give any information wanted respecting the sale.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 9th March 1814.

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