23 February 2014

Anderson orphans, Newhills

ABERDEEN, 16th February, 1814,


ALEXANDER ANDERSON died in the prime of life, and was buried at New Hills, Saturday last.  His wife died yesterday morning, at their house on Middlefield, leaving seven children, the oldest not thirteen, the youngest of the seven six months old, (three of the children in fever) in great poverty, without any relation to care for them.  Some means must be adopted to assist the poor destitute family.

Any aid of the humane and generous Public is hereby resorted to, if a small fund could be raised to preserve the helpless orphans, as it is intended to send them to Kildrummy, from whence the family moved about three years ago, how soon a place can be obtained.

The aid to this helpless and destitute family of orphans will be thankfully received at the Banks: Athenaeum; News-rooms, Netherkirkgate and Quay; Mr Ewen's shop; Public Library; Baillie Brown and Messrs. Angus' shops.

The application of the contribution will be under the direction of John Niven of Thornton.

Published by the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 23rd February 1814.

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