26 January 2014

Farm Leases in Lonmay


To be Let, for 19, or such number of years as may be agreed on. - Entry at Whitsunday first.


TIRRYFIELD, possessed by James Lillie, containing upwards of 100 acres arable, of which above 25 are old in-field, besides an extensive range of pasture.  The soil is of a very superior quality, being mostly a rich dry loam, on a clay bottom.  This is a very desirable compact farm; bounded on nearly three sides by a burn, andhaving another running through the centre of it.  It is conveniently situated for manure, being only two miles from a lime-quarry; four from Mr. Ferguson's canal (where shell-sand is procured at a cheap rapte;) nine miles from Peterhead, and about the same distance from Fraserburgh; to both which ports there are turnpike roads within a short distance of the farm.  It is near moss, which the proprietor allows the tenants to use for manure, or exchange for fisher's dung.  There are two good steadings of houses on the farm.  The principal is finely situated on a rising ground, and commands a view of the coast from Peterhead to Fraserburgh.  Permission will be given to accommodate labourers in the other.

SWINEDEN, presently possessed by Andrew Clark, containing from 25 to 30 acres, with a good steading of houses. - The turnpike-road to Fraserburgh passes through the possession.

Also, several CROFTS, of four acres each, along the turnpike road, through Kininmonth. - Charles Reid, at Mains of Kininmonth, will shew the boundaries.

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