19 December 2013

Ordiquhill Kirk Session Minutes, 19th December 1813

Session Met &c. - Compeared Ann Begg in Uppermill and being asked whether she adhered to her former Confession of giving John Lorimer as the Father of her Child.  John Lorimer being present was asked if he acknowledged being the Father of said Child which he positively denied.  Ann Begg being asked whether she could adduce any presumptions of guilt against John Lorimer said that her Step Mother had seen familiarities pass.  Her Step Mother being present was asked what she knew in the Matter, said, that two Years ago there appeared to be an intimacy betwixt them; that one night he took her out of the dwelling house of her father in the Evening when they stayed a considerable time so as to alarm her about their behaviour.  That about same time John Lorimer entreated Ann Begg to go along with him, as he was a Soldier, and promised if she would do so, that he would give her a great Coat and black Cap, and that he would marry her.  John Lorimer formerly said that he had seen Ann Begg only twice since he came to the County, he now agrees, that she had gone to his Father's house upon another Occasion to inform him that she was with Child to him and that he conveyed her at that time, some distance from his father's house.  But this he also refused, until he was informed that one James Morison had seen them at that time together, and that he would be Summoned to the Session as a Witness.  As they persisted She in Accusing and he in refusing, they were summoned Apud Acta to the Presb[yter]y of Fordyce at their next Meeting at Portsoy in Feb[ruar]y next.

Ordiquhill Kirk Session Minutes, 1813 (NAS Reference: CH2/291/3)
Kirk Session Registers are available to search at the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh and at local archives throughout Scotland.

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