10 November 2013

Roup at Newton of Fechil


On Tuesday the 16th of November curt. there is to be Sold by public roup, at Newton of Fechil, near Ellon:

THE whole STOCKING on the Farm, which belonged to the deceased Mr JAMES MURRAY; - consisting of Two pair WORK HORSES, a MARE and FOAL, a Three-year-old COLT, Two pair WORK OXEN, Eight two-year-old STOTS, Ten year-old STOTS and QUEYS, Four QUEYS and CALVES, several MILCH COWS, CARTS, PLOUGHS, HARROWS, and other Farming Utensils.  Several STACKS of CORN and BEAR, with FODDER, &c.

The roup will begin at 10 o'clock forenoon.  Credit will be given.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 10th November 1813.

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