3 November 2013

Fife Estate Farms

In the EARL of FIFE's Estates in the Counties of Aberdeen and Banff.

THERE will be LET at DUFF HOUSE, in December next, for Leases of such endurance as may be agreed upon, the following POSSESSIONS, viz. -

Aberdeenshire - Parish of Glenbucket.

EASTER BUCKET, as occupied by Arthur Rannie, Arthur Fraser, Peter Dawson, and Alexander Michie.
BLACKHILLOCK, occupied by Thomas Moir.
BALNAGLACK, occupied by Alexander Farquharson and John Brodie.
TARNTOUL, occupied by Margaret Anderson.
TOMBRECK, occupied by James Forbes.
MILNTOWN, occupied by John and William Reids, and Wm. Young.
BELTIMORE, occupied by John Forbes, Archd. Reid, and Widow Reid.
UPPERTON, occupied by Walter Ross, William Gauld, and Samual Walker.
SUNNYBRAE, occupied by William Christie.
BALNACRAIG, occupied by Mr Raeburn and others.
DRUMNAGARROW, occupied by James Strachan.
BALLACHDUIE, occupied by Henry Reid.
BELLTIMB, occupied by Arthur Reid and John Ogg.
KIRKTON, occupied by Mr Scott and others.
BALNABOTH, occupied by Robert Michie and others.
ACHAVAICH, occupied by William Robertson.
BADYNON, occupied by James Begg.
NETHERTON, occupied by John Beattie and others.
DELFRANKIE, occupied by James Hendrie.
     Entry to all the above may be had at Whitsunday next.
DULAN, occupied by Peter Crawford.
CROFTS, occupied by Alexander Shand.
BACKIES, occupied by James Shand.
SLUGGIE, occupied by William Michie and Wm. Davidson.
     Entry to these at Whitsunday, 1816.

Parish of Strathdon - Estate of Noughtyside.

ALDAHUIE, occupied by Alexander Wattie and Samuel Glass.
TORRANCROY, occupied by James McHardy.
NEWTON, occupied by Jonathan Stewart and John Kellas.
REINSTOCK, occupied by Alexander Dunbar.
INVERNETTIE and BLAIRNAMUCK, occupied by Alex. Anderson.
CLASHNORE, occupied by John McHardy and Mary Merson.

The Leases of all the above expire at Whitsunday first.

County of Banff - Parish of Mortlach.

WESTER BOCHROME, occupied by Robert Duff.
WALKMILL, occupied by James Gauld.
MOSS-SIDE and BERRYLEYS, occupied by Hugh Mackny.
MAINS of BALVENY and WESTER MOSS-SIDE, occupied by James Thomson's heirs.
NETHERCLUNY, occupied by William Stewart.
YONDERTON of Ditto, occupied by John Stewart.
LAGFORK, occupied by Robert Ramsay.
ALLACHLAGGAN, occupied by Robert Findlay.
BAILLIEMORE, occupied by John Grant.
DELLACHAM, occupied by Hugh Stewart.
ALLAMICHIE, occupied by George Roy.
LITTLE TULLICH, occupied by James Mackay.

Parish of Aberlour.

CLASHMARLOCH, occupied by J. and Gordon Stewart.
BAINSTACK, occupied by Peter Anderson.
MAINS of RUDERIE, occupied by James McDonald.
BOGINDUIE, occupied by Alexander Leslie.
BRAEGACH, occupied by James Murray and the heirs of H. Innes.
LITTLE BRAEGACH, occupied by Alexander Gordon.
RYNETTAN, occupied by James Stewart.

Parish of Glass.

WALLOWKIRK, occupied by James Robson.
NETHERTOWN of GLASS, occupied by James Duff; and
QUARRELHEAD, occupied by the heirs of Peter Smith.

Parish of Botriphnie.

SHIELDS, occupied by William Murdoch.

Entry to the whole of the above at Whitsunday first.

Parish of Keith.

QUARRYHEAD, occupied by Arthur Stevenson.
MILL of AUCHYNDACHIE, occupied by John Pirie.
COTTERTON of Ditto, occupied by William Young.
Part of CORSAIRTLY, occupied by Mrs Lawson.
BODINFINCH, occupied by Adam Morrison.
HAUGHS, occupied by John McLean, Wm. Donaldson's relict, and Alexander Simpson.
AIKENHEAD of KINMINITY, occupied by Alexander Bennet.
UPPER FORGIE, occupied by Alexander Leslie.
KILLIESMONT, occupied by Hugh McWilliam, John Simpson, William Cruickshank, Andrew Milton, John Barber, and Alexander Bennet.
LOCKERS, occupied by John Shand and James Smith.
KEICHIN, occupied by William Ettles.
Part of OLDMORE, occupied by John Bremner, John Morrison, and Thomas Smith.
GLEN of NEWMILL, occupied by William Littlejohn and George Symon.
GARDEN and CROFT of NEWMILL, occupied by Peter Innes.
LITTLE CANTLY, occupied by James Cumming and Alexander Murdoch.

Parish of Grange.

NETHERMILLS, occupied by James McCulloch, John Kelman, Alexander Longmore, Peter Cameron, and Alexander McIntyre.
MILL and MILL CROFT of Ditto, occupied by George Ritchie.
ANDERSON's WARDS, occupied by James McCulloch.
CRANACH, occupied by Alexander Raffan, John Pirie, John Morrison, Joseph Bruce, John Ogilvie, Joseph Annand, and James Pirie.
MILL CROFT of PAITHNICK, occupied by Charles Meldrum.
GREENBOG, occupied by Captain Annand.
CROFT of PAITHNICK, occupied by John Allan.
CANTLY, occupied by George Gray.
AUCHINOVE, occupied by John Grant.
LOANHEADS, occupied by A. and J. Woods.

Parish of Rothiemay.

CLAYMIRES, occupied by Alexander Gray, James Clunes, George Cormick, Alexr. Watt, Wm. Cruickshank, John Smith, and James Skinner.
ROTNODDIE, occupied by William Wilson, Peter Duncan, James Reid, and John Lobban.
BRUCKLES, occupied by Alexander Reid.
PARRACK, occupied by James Mensel and William Dawson.
LOCKART WARDS, occupied by John Riddoch, Alexander McKay, James Wilson, William Dawson, and James Scot.
SHIEL, occupied by William Webster, William Taylor, and John Henderson.
COLDHAME, occupied by James Begg, James Stronach, James Lemmon, Charles Smith, and Alexander Riddoch.
WAULKMILL, occupied by John Thom and J. Down.
CLOVENSTONE, occupied by John Watt.
KNABBYGATES, occupied by Alexander Lobban.
TERNEMNAY, occupied by James Cowie and John Murray.
FOREST, occupied by William Lorimer.
KNACKLAND, occupied by William Sharp, John Hewit, John Cruickshank, and John Brown.
BARNHILL, occupied by James Brown and James Robb.
RETTANACH, occupied by James Taylor, James Allan, John Bruce, and Isobel Guthrie.
HILLBRAE, occupied by Alexander Pirie.
MOSS-SIDE, occupied by Robert Monro, John McIntosh, and Charles Monro.
MANNOCH-HILL, occupied by James Sharp.
CORSKELLY, occupied by William Smith and James Fraser; and
WOODFOLD, occupied by Robert Scott.

Entry to part of the above at Whitsunday first, and to the remainder at Whitsunday, 1815 and 1816.

County of Aberdeen - Parish of King Edward.

MEIKLE WALKERHILL, occupied by Alex. Ingram.
EASTER BLAKESHOUSE, occupied by John Mitchell, John Innes, and Widow Greig; and
STROQUHARRY, occupied by John Chalmers.

County of Banff - Parish of Gamery

BRUNTYIRDS, occupied by James Hacket and James Morrison.
BONNYTON of CULLEN, occupied by James Brown.
OUTSEAT, occupied by James and Alexander Morrison, Wm. Legg, and Thomas Paterson.

Entry to all the above at Whitsunday, 1814 and 1815.


The whole of the Marches of the above Farms will be made regular and convenient, and will be pointed out by the ground Officers of the different estates.  Two or more Lots will be joined together according to the wishes of Candidates at the time of Letting, and every reasonable encouragement will be given for Houses, and for enclosing where the extent of ground requires it.

In every district a considerable extent of ground will be laid off in small Lots for the accommodation of Crofters and Mechanics, who will meet with proper encouragement.

For further particulars application may be made to Mr Stuart at Mar Lodge, as to the Farms in the Parishes of Glenbucket and Strathdon, which will be let on Friday the tenth and Saturday the eleventh of December next; - To Mr Watt at Nethercluny, as to the Farms in the Parishes of Mortlach, Aberlour, and Glass, which will be let on Monday the thirteenth of December; - To Mr Stronach at Knock, as to the Farms in the Parishes of Keith, Grange and Rothiemay, which will be let on Tuesday and Wednesday the fourteenth and fifteenth days of December next; - and to Mr Wilson at Mill of Alva, as to the Farms in the Parishes of King Edward and Gamery, which will be let on Wednesday the fifteenth day of December; to either of whom, or to Mr Souter at Duff House, offers may be given in previous to the respective days of setting above mentioned.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 3rd November 1813.

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