4 August 2013

Strichen Farms and Crofts


THE under-mentioned POSSESSIONS on the Estate of STRICHEN, are to be let, and entered to at Whitsunday 1814, viz. -

Possessions                                       Present Possessors                               Acres
BANKS                                            Alexander Lee                                     About 62
EFFEDIES                                        Peter Stewart                                       About 50
TRUFHILLOCK                               Alexander Brown                                 About 20
BORROHILL                                   John Woodman                                    About 28
PART of BORROHILL                    John Cuming                                         About 10
FRIDAY-HILL                                 Geo. Forrest's Heirs                             50
     DITTO                                         William Youngson                                30
     DITTO                                         William Gall                                          30
WESTER AUCHORTHIE                James Durno                                         10
     DITTO                                         John Popp                                             10

The aforeseaid Possessions lie within a very short distance of the village of Mormond, and the Lime Kilns of Strichen; are in general of a good early soil; some of them have a very considerable proportion of old infield land, which, together with a great part of the outfield, is of the best quality, and produce weighty crops of every sort.  In short, they are as elegible commodious small Possessions as are to be met with.  Several of them lie contiguous to each other; such will be let together, if tenants incline.

For particulars, apply to John Anderson, Factor at Strichen, to whom offers may be give in, to the 1st of September next.

The Possessions will be shewn by James Horne, the Ground-Officer.

There will also be let, for such a number of Grain Crops as shall be agreed on, and INCLOSURE, of about 14 acres, on the MAINS of STRICHEN, which has been in Pasture about 72 years. - Entry at Martinmas first.

Strichen, 15th July, 1813.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 4th August 1813.

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