18 August 2013

Pitlochie farms, Ellon


THE LANDS OF PITLOCHIE, in the parish of Ellon, as at present possessed by James Mundy, William Hendry, and George Allan, are to be let in one or more possessions, for nineteen years from Whitsunday next.  The north division of said Lands, as separated from the other by a small burn contains 22A. 3R. 12P. of infield, 24A. 2R. 5P. of outfield, and 21A. 3R. 19P. of pasture; the other division, principally occupied by George Allan, contains 3A. 2R. 6P. of infield, 30A. 3R. 24P. of outfield, and 32A. 0R. 31P. of pasture and moss.

George Allan will show the boundaries; and offers in writing may be lodged with William Stuart, advocate in Aberdeen, betwixt and the 22d of October next.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 18th August 1813.

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