25 July 2013

Echt Kirk Session Minutes, 25th July 1813

After Sermon the Session being met & constitute compeared Mary Eddie, who being asked if the Report of her being with Child was well founded, she admittied it was.  She was then exhorted to give a candid confession who was the Father of her Child, when she gave up James Kennedy as the Father, who being present, was asked if he admitted the accusation against him & to which he gave evasive answers.  He was then asked specifically if he had ever any carnal connection with the said woman, which query he likewise wished to evade, but being pressed to give a distinct answer, he gave a Negative.  Being then asked if he was in the pracice of visiting this young woman frequently, admits that he went back & fore frequently to visit her, but declines saying at what time of Day or night, being asked to sign this declaration, he declined it.

(signed)  Rob[er]t Ferguson Mod[erato]r
              Wm Malcolm Sess[ion] Cl[er]k

The Kirk Session having communed on the matter, thought it proper to cause summon him before the next meeting of the Presb[yter]y, as there is no established Minister here.

Echt Kirk Session Minutes, 1813 (NAS Reference: CH2/560/6)
Kirk Session Registers are available to search at the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh and at local archives throughout Scotland.

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